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AceOn partners with GTEC to offer energy storage training courses

Jordan O'Brien

Jordan O'Brien

Contributing Editor
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AceOn Energy Storage Training

Those wishing to learn about how to specify and fit energy storage systems can now go on an accredited course from AceOn and GTEC. 

AceOn, the battery specialists, partnered with training provider GTEC to help plug the skills gap that the industry is facing as it scales up to meet the demand of net zero. The accredited training will teach installers exactly what they need to know to confidently specify and fit renewable battery storage technology. 

Courses are currently available from GTEC’s Yorkshire centre, but will be expanded in September to Pump House in Shrewsbury. 

Mark Thompson, the founder of AceOn, said the partnership was a major step forward in providing the skills needed to deliver the green revolution promised by Boris Johnson in response to the climate change crisis.

He commented, “Teaming up with GTEC to offer training to our potential customers and installers is a really big step forward for AceOn. GTEC will use our equipment for their training and deliver the skills required to really accelerate the move to renewable energy.

“AceOn played an important role in establishing the new national standard for these qualifications by working with the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and we are delighted to now be involved in helping train the next generation of highly-qualified installers.

“We are very proud to have roles in every stage of this circular economy – from creating the product to installation, servicing, recycling and now training. Alongside our Renewergy Virtual Power Plant (VPP), we can now offer a one stop solution covering every aspect of renewable energy.

“As well as helping the country meet its legal obligation to be carbon neutral by 2050 and protecting the environment for future generations, this new partnership will help us to create new jobs and prosperity as the green revolution grows.”

Mark said the training would cover AceOn’s private and public sector partners, with the VPP attracting huge attention from social housing providers and local authorities since its launch in November.

“The VPP uses the very latest battery storage technology and smart energy management software to allow homes to capture solar energy and then store it in the most efficient and environmentally-friendly way for later use,” he noted.

“This system not only drives down electricity costs for the homeowner or tenant, but it makes the most efficient use possible of renewable energy and also provides a revenue stream when the surplus power is sold back to the National Grid.”

Griff Thomas from GTEC, added, “We are excited to be working with AceOn, using their excellent technology to train installers – in centre, and on site (we offer bespoke options for larger organisations) – while contributing to the UK’s wider low carbon targets. Electrical energy storage is a key part of the road to net zero, helping to make the electricity grid more resilient and sustainable.

“As one of the first centres to offer this type of training, we are pleased to be leading the charge backed by other important industry players, such as AceOn. This is an interesting time in the building services sector – trades people and those involved in the housing sector should seize the opportunity to make our homes both greener and more cost-effective.”

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