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How Octopus Energy is leveraging thermal cameras to save customers money

Jordan O'Brien

Jordan O'Brien

Contributing Editor
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FLIR One Pro

Octopus Energy is taking a novel approach to saving customers money, with the energy provider now offering customers access to thermal cameras. 

In a first for any energy company in the UK, customers who are signed up to Octopus Energy can request a thermal imaging camera to find out where heat is either escaping or entering. This can then help those customers fix any draught issues and save them money on heating their homes. 

The thermal imaging camera on offer to customers is the FLIR One Pro, which is offered on a short-term loan. This particular camera was chosen due to its ease of use, with it connecting to an iOS or Android phone to show a thermal view of a person’s home. 

Octopus Energy has thus found a multitude of uses for its thermal camera loan program, with customers taking to social media to show off their results. Some customers have found that their chimney or doorways are the problem, while others have noticed insulation in walls or ceiling that may not have been installed properly – an issue that could easily go unnoticed. 

Octopus Energy has 200 FLIR ONE Pros that they lend to their customers for seven days. In that time, homeowners can find out for themselves where the problem spots in their homes are, and either apply a DIY fix or call in a professional if more work needs to be done.Greg Jackson, chief executive of Octopus Energy, said in an article by This is Money, “While other energy providers might pray for a cold winter, we are committed to keeping customer costs down. We are proud to launch this initiative and show that Octopus isn’t afraid to do things differently.”

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