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Advertise with Electrical Review

As the longest established UK electrical journal, our audience comprises key personnel from all across the industry. Our sales team will tailor the perfect package to suit your needs and ensure your content is in front of the right people at the right time.

Whether you choose to advertise via print, online, digital, at an event or a combination, we make it our mission to ensure you get the highest possible return on your investment, with an extensive range of bespoke opportunities available throughout the year.

Printed Opportunities

The magazine itself is just the tip of the iceberg. Below are some of our prime advertising positions offered within the magazine. We also run commercially led feature-length articles. Please enquire for pricing and availability.


Enquire for dimensions

Inside Front Cover

210mm x 290mm (+3mm bleed)

Full Page Advertorial

700 words, two images

Inside Back Cover

210mm x 290mm (+3mm bleed)

Front Cover Package

Enquire for more details

Double Page Spread

420mm x 290mm (+3mm bleed)

Half Page

210mm x 140mm (+3mm bleed)

Outside Back Cover

210mm x 290mm (+3mm bleed)

Front Cover

184mm x 198mm

Two Page Advertorial

700 - 1,200 words, two images

Quarter Page Strip

186mm x 67mm


Enquire for more details

Inside Gatefold

Enquire for more details​

Full Page

210mm x 290mm (+3mm bleed)

Eighth Page Strip

186mm x 36mm

Other Print Opportunities

The Annual Suppliers Guide is a highly regarded industry resource, providing best practice articles from leading manufacturers and suppliers, alongside supplier contact information and recommendations on the best kit to specify for electrical installations in buildings and industry.

Our incredibly popular Supplier’s Guide features in print and in digital formats, as well as being hosted on our website for the entirety of the year ensuring maximum and prolonged exposure.

The twelve sections of the Annual Supplier’s Guide are:

  • Automation
  • Building services
  • Cable & Cable management
  • Data centre design & build
  • Electric vehicle
  • Energy storage & Batteries
  • Enclosures, cabinets & racks
  • Lighting
  • Power
  • Safety, fire & security
  • Test & measurement
  • UPS/Standby power

Should you wish to get involved, whether it be as a section sponsor or to feature an advert, listing or article, please contact the team.

Company Spotlight is a unique opportunity to shout about your brand. Often conducted in an interview style format, our editors will apply their expert influential tone to create a thought leadership article that engages with the electrical community.

  • Published in Electrical Review
  • Published on
  • Sent in a solus email to our Electrical Review 12,000 community
  • Shared with our 19,000 followers on social media
  • Printed in a brochure style (100 copies) to distribute as you see fit.
  • Ideal to take to events.

Click here to see an example of a Company Spotlight.

This is a full-length sponsored feature where you can sing about your company’s products and services (unlike editorial which must remain vendor neutral throughout). Advertorial features can take the form of a thought leadership or opinion piece, Q&A format or even a case study.

  • Word count anywhere between 700 – 1,200
  • At least two high quality supporting images
  • Piece to also appear online post printed publication
  • Piece promoted via our social media channels.

Digital Opportunities


High impact and front of mind, your banner is featured across the entire site for the duration of the campaign. This exclusive opportunity is sold on a seven to 14-day tenancy.

Home Half MPU

Designed as a branded opportunity this is positioned alongside news and special reports and reaches our audience across the entire site. Sold on a 30-day tenancy and shared with a maximum of three other clients.

Single Post Left Banner

Allows you to reach your target audience by relating your brand to a specific topic or feature, enabling you to target readers specifically relevant to your business. Sold on a 30-day tenancy.


Immersed in the middle of the site, this MPU benefits you by being at the heart of our content. Sold on a 30-day tenancy and shared with a maximum of three other clients.

Category Leaderboard

With 12 categories to choose from, every quarter you will have the opportunity to exclusively support a dedicated area of our site relevant to your business, for example, Lighting. Sold on a 4-month tenancy.

Home Leaderboard

This position commands attention as soon as you land on the home page, thanks to its high position. Sold on a 30-day tenancy and shared with a maximum of three other clients.

Single Post Leaderboard

Reach your target audience by relating your brand with a specific topic or feature, offering you the opportunity to reach out to readers interested in a particular topic. Sold on a 30-day tenancy.

Other Digital Opportunities

This is an exclusive opportunity to reach our audience with your tailored content, enabling you to reach the key decision makers within the industry. Our HTMLs are one of our most in demand products, offering our clients a measurable ROI.

  • Sent to over 12,000 subscribers.

  • High impact brand awareness.

  • Sold individually, or as a series of eblasts to create an ebook or collective piece of information.

Would you like the chance to feature on our popular weekly editor’s newsletter? Each week our editor gives a roundup of the weeks industry news and insights. This provides our exclusive sponsors the chance to generate exposure, reaching out to over 11,000 subscribers.

  • 2 x leaderboard positions sold on a weekly or monthly tenancy
  • Option to rotate ad creatives and content being promoted
  • Front of mind brand awareness and lead generation
  • Reach key decision makers within the electrical community
  • The opportunity to feature alongside our editorial at influential touchpoints throughout the year.

Our Video Interview series is designed to efficiently reach our already engaged audience through our digital and social channels. We believe that every one of our clients has a story to tell which enables you to share, company news, industry insight and thought leadership, in manageable, bit sized video content. Working closely with our editor to come up with a series of questions that will showcase your message, these interviews generally last anywhere between eight to 10 minutes so we can really hone in on what it is you want to say.

  • Video interview recorded in the comfort of your own home or office, at a time and day of your choice.

  • Video will be a two-way conversation between our editor and yourself or a chosen representative.

  • Video supplied to you to use on your website.

  • Promoted on weekly e-newsletter to 11,000.

  • Featured on the Electrical Review and Data Centre Review website.

  • Video will be fully edited and approved by you before being featured.

  • An eblast to be sent out promoting the video to our 12,000 subscribers.

  • Video promoted via Twitter as a featured post.

  • Hosted on our YouTube channel.

All post-production is taken care of in-house. If you’d like to take advantage of this unique opportunity to engage with our digital and social audience, please don’t hesitate to contact the team for further details on how you can get involved.

Our webinars are a great platform for speakers to reach out to their target audience, illustrate brand authority and thought leadership as well as generate leads. Webinars take place as a moderated live Q&A session with attendees, hosted by our editor.

We guarantee our clients a minimum number of leads from any of the webinar activities that we undertake depending on the promotional period opted by the client. These can vary between three to eight weeks depending on the clients specific requirement.

  • Utilise case studies or visuals for maximum engagement
  • A set of bespoke emails promoting the event including additional promotion on e-newsletters, electrical review homepage and dedicated webinar section
  • Each webinar is recorded and hosted on the Electrical Review website allowing the sponsor to generate those all-important leads.

Unto themselves, our podcasts are generally editorially led, used as a platform to discuss/debate prevalent industry topics and expand upon our ‘Talking Point’ segment of the printed magazine. However, should you wish our editor to plug your specific product, project or service, please get in touch with the team for upcoming events.

Podcasts reach an audience of more than 41,000 subscribers.

An online advertorial is an article placed on the Electrical Review website that can promote your company. This has less restrictions than standard editorial and guarantees a publish date that suits you.

  • Promote your products or brand in your own voice.
  • Reach readers on the Electrical Review website.
  • Guarantee your article is published on a day that suits you.
  • Feature your story on our social media.
  • Reach 19,000 Twitter users directly
  • Content published on the Electrical Review LinkedIn page

Want to get involved?

If you'd like to discuss how advertising with Electrical Review could maximise your brand's exposure, please get in touch with the sales team.