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Latest on Transport

How rail transport can help lower emissions in the transport industry
Simone Bruckner, managing director of power resistor manufacturer Cressall, explains how rail transport can help lower emissions in the transport industry.
Why we should push for the electrification of the UK heavy vehicle market
Mark Templeman, sales engineer at Cressall, explores the potential of electrification in the UK heavy vehicle market.
How to stop a speeding train
While the brakes have been put on HS2 for now, OEMs and engineers should consider how trains travelling up to 250 mph will function safely; that includes their braking systems. Steve Hughes, managing…
Avoiding shocks when electrifying rail
The political wind has been blowing towards complete rail electrification for decades now without significant progress, so it’s clearly not a straightforward problem to tackle. If it’s to be done, it needs be…
CP Automation helps heritage railway go wireless
CP Automation has donated a Magnetek wireless radio control system to Severn Valley Railway, after the heritage railway’s existing control system needed replacing.
Powering the UK’s infrastructure
It is vital that train manufacturers today keep trains operating with minimal disruption and downtime. With more passengers relying on train services than ever before, it is crucial that engineers have access to…
Electrifying the track 
Faced with growing pressure to reduce carbon emissions, European countries are increasingly making moves to power trains with electricity instead of diesel. In the UK, however, progress has often appeared hampered. Simone Bruckner,…
Saft secures CRRC Sifang America contract
Saft has begun supplying battery systems to CRRC Sifang America’s new railcar manufacturing facility in Chicago.
Them’s the brakes
From diesel to electric locomotives, the railway industry has seen numerous advancements since the opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway in 1830 marked the dawn of steam-powered rail travel. Simone Bruckner, managing…
A modern metro
Milan Sima, railway general manager at Saft, explains how the batteries on board new trains for the Chengdu Metro will keep the system running for over 11 million people.